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We customize structural skylights for Commercial Malls & Buildings, Decorative stained glass Domes for Mosque’s, Personal Villas, Government & Private Sector and for Royal Family Villas. Shown below are some of the prestigious works we have done.


Traditional or Decorative leaded or Copper Foiled stained glass are made up of small pieces of colored glass supported in lead cames or Copper foils. The difference between decorative leaded or copper Foiled stained glass is the use of colored glass with lead or copper foil only to create the window,doors, ceilings or any other requirement of the customers glass panel without the use of glass painting, which is staining the glass hence the name stained glass. We design, repair or fully re-make complete leaded or Copper foiled stained glass. We use diverse types of antique, opalescent, cathedral colored glass with different texture which is exclusively imported from U.S.A.


Glass Partitions bring a feeling of space and openness to a room. The transparency of the glass diffuses light into the interiors, creating an element of spaciousness. Specially manufactured glass for partitions can be used for protecting privacy. Glass Doors stream light from room to room to create softly lit interiors, while protecting privacy. Various glass finishes or prints can be used for shower screens offering privacy with a touch of elegance. Glass for shower screens is not just moisture-resistant but is also easy to clean. Below are shown some reference of our works done.

Acid Etching & Frosting Work on Glass or Mirror

Acid Etching:- Acid etching is a glass fabrication process entailing the treatment of annealed glass sheets with hydrofluoric acid to create a frosted appearance, as well as accompanying specialty designs, such as vertical and horizontal lines, graphics, and other decorative effects.

Frosting:- Frosted Design on glass or Mirror is produced by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds using compressed air using aluminium oxide. This creates a pitted surface on one side of the glass pane and has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering the light which passes through, thus blurring images while still transmitting light. Here some of references shown below.


We provide custom mirrors that will enhance the beauty of your residence while giving it a unique look. These custom mirrors can be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes, and will add that special touch to your abode. We have many types of Mirror for Commerical/personal use like Gaurdain, antique, Rose Gold, Acid designed, LED, Blacklight Mirror with sensor system for bathrooms, hallways, dining rooms, tables, fireplaces, and more. Below are some reference shown.

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